Oil on canvas | 92x73 cm | 5 versions

The black and white part is a tribute to a famous photo of Marilyn by Richard Avedon. Her iconic portrait has been colorized and served as a base for a clown face, echoing the famous make-up of another American icon, Ronald McDonald, the primary mascot of the famous fast food restaurant chain.

Marilyn 2 go

Oil on canvas | 92x73 cm | 5 versions

The painting is based on a highly collectible Marilyn poster from the days of How to marry a Millionaire where the actress wears her famous white fox fur stole. The make up "a la" Ronald McDonald and the change of the stole color to yellow satirize her pose and a certain vision of the pin-up symbol.

Bardot, the ultimate sex symbol

Tondo - Oil on canvas | 100x100 cm | 5 versions

The painting is an interpretation of a photo shoot of the young Bardot by Ghislain Dussart, which has been reproduced in many publications amongst which Paris Match. Bardot's pose became famous and inspired a lot of other photos of actresses and models including the likes of Gisele Bundchen or Monica Bellucci. Artapot often pairs this painting with a representation of the Tex Avery Wolf character, itself a play on the representation of the villain in the Little Red Riding Hood, and the ultimate skirt chaser.

Giant James

Oil on canvas | 100x100 cm | 5 versions

This painting revisits in a psychedelic pop mode a famous shot of James Dean as a cowboy. The image is drawn from his last movie, Giant, released after his death in 1956. He played Jett, an oil-rich Texan, a supporting role to Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson. He was then starting to look as an actor who was starting to grow up beyond the mythical image of a beautiful, ultrasensitive young man. 



Biker James

Oil on canvas | 100x100 cm | 5 versions

James Dean was a motorcycle enthusiast just as his idol Marlon Brando. He was wearing a similar hat with the one the actor wore in The Wild One and was driving a Triumph just like him. He is portrayed here as a young and sexy tattooed biker, a perfect image of androgyny and rebellion. Some would also see him as the ultimate gay icon…



Oil on canvas | 54x81 cm | 5 versions

Eminem, born in 1972 is "the" white guy in the rap universe and one of the best-selling artists in the world. He rarely dresses as clean and proper as on the cover of its album Encore (2004) where he wears a suit, a white shirt and a burgundy tie. No matter how he could look, blond and clean, its aggressive lyrics and provocative attitude never leave him. Against all odds, he has secured his place in the rap pantheon and as an icon of transgression.