Dali's code

Oil on canvas | 73x60 cm | 5 versions

The eccentric and imaginative Dali has become an icon and so did many of his works, which are now part of popular culture and ornate calendars, mugs, and many other mundane objects.


A handful of dealers specialize in seriously trading his works, and their value is rising. Though everyone can afford an object with a Dali-inspired reproduction, originals are out of reach of the general public...

Monet's code

Oil on canvas | 73x60 cm | 5 versions

Museum exhibitions built around Monet are always blockbusters and he is probably the most famous impressionist painter of all. The Nympheas series, about 250 paintings executed during the last part of Monet's life and inspired by his own garden in Giverny are some of the most famous of his works and can be found on the walls of many museums.


Their reproductions ornate magnets, calendars and other daily life items, however the originals reach record prices at auctions.

Vincent's code

Oil on canvas | 73x60 cm | 5 versions

Vincent van Gogh is the archetype of the great artist as a suffering visionary, reaching glory after his death while barely surviving during his life.


This accursed artist, tormented by identity problems, was an extremely prolific self-portraitist: close to forty works have been painted in three years, from 1886 to 1889 and a lot of them are part of our pop culture, as they have been reproduced on so many items.

Hamdi's code

Oil on canvas | 73x60 cm | 5 versions

Osman Hamdi Bey is key to modern Turkish art history. Intellectual, archeologist, art expert yet also pioneering painter, he promoted western ideas in the late Ottoman empire.


A lady of Constantinople, auctioned in London in 2008 for close to 7 million dollars, is one of his five most famous works. It is part of his "ladies series" which are some of his most popular paintings.

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