Tribute to Zeki Muren - Hatıra (1973) revisited

Oil on canvas | 100x100 cm | 5 versiyon

This painting is a fake album cover inspired by the photograph on Hatıra (1973) - one of the first full length albums by Zeki Muren - There, the “Pasha”, adorned with his signature make up and jewelry sits in a cozy interior. We wanted to pay homage to one of the most respected artists in Turkey, whose lyrics and voice continue to mesmerize a wide range of publics, and who no doubt played a pioneering role in the acceptance of homosexuality in the country.

Tribute to Zeki Muren - Yeşil Ördek

Oil on canvas | 60x60 cm | 5 versions

This painting is made after an old and damaged gramophone record cover. Inside was a 45 rpm, on the A side the classic Yeşil Ördek song, on the B side Bahcelere Geldi Bahar. An Artapot shadow ornates the original plain orange background.

Pyschedelic Barış

Oil on canvas | 100x100 cm | 5 versions

This pop-art inspiredpainting in psychedelic colors draws inspiration from the portrait of Barış Manço featured on the cover of a mid-1970s 45 rpm recorded with the 1971-founded Kurtalan Ekspres featuring the famous songs Gülme Ha Gülme and Nazar Eyle Nazar Eyle.

Barış Manço (1943-1999) is one of the most prominent figures of Turkish rock. He is also quite famous outside of Turkey as he has written songs in many foreign languages, including French which he spoke very well, and always sought international recognition.

Street Barış

Oil on canvas | 73x60 cm | 5 versions

Barış Manço is such a symbol that he has influenced - and keeps influencing - many other artists. Our tribute is inspired by a street-art portrait, a perfect evocation of the free spirit his songs conveyed. 

Ölüm Tehlikesi

Diptych - Oil on canvas | 55x38 cm | 5 versions

Attention : danger ! What’s hidden behind these beautiful eyes? Shall we fear them more when they are open or closed? Every encounter reveals its own electricity and awakens new emotions.


Oil on canvas | 100x81 cm | 5 versions

In one of their many car rides Artapot artists, stuck in traffic on the way to the bridge, started taking random photographs of street buildings. Back in Paris they played around these images and decided to turn some of the reworked pictures into a painted pop-art vision of everyday Istanbul. 

Sultan of Swing

Oil on canvas | 60x92cm | 5 versions

In echo to the name of his first band and the title of Dire Straits’ first single release, Mark Knopfler has often been nicknamed the "sultan of swing" himself.

In this ironical image, a real sultan, Fatih Sultan Mehmet, takes his costume and guitar, as if he was celebrating  with music the eponymous bridge shining behind him.


Oil on canvas | 81x60 cm | 5 versions


This painting is a photorealist take on a detailed view of an old locomotive stationed at the Haydarpaşa station since 1980. This steam engine was manufactured in the UK in the second half of the XIXth century and was used on the Izmir - Aydin line until the 1950s.