Tribute to Iconic Albums

Our best memories are often linked to famous music hits. We remember their covers as emblematic of an era.


Artapot pays homage to iconic albums from the 60s to today. It brings you tributes to covers where an octopus is hiding, its own way of to tipping its hat to the artists, playing with the image.

Album Covers Revisited - Diptychs

Fun and great visual impact for this new take on the diptych theme.


Artapot associates its own ironic interpretations to the most emblematic of all album covers. The approach reveals our artists' vision of either the cover itself or what it conveys.


Stars all inspire us. Whether we realize it or not, they did turn into role models at some point in our life as icons and advocates of new trends and lifestyles. Some became symbols beyond their generation.


Artapot takes a look at these icons with an ironic eye.


"Detournements" are an invention of situationists as a subversive means to turn the system against itself. The term has then been more broadly used to define variations on previous media works in unexpected ways vs. the original.


Artapot played around a few iconic ads or posters and turned them into humoristic pieces.


Which teenager did not dream of being in their skin or costumes to gain superpowers and fight injustice?


Artapot proposes different interpretations of this theme with eye-catching works where each of us is invited to recognize traits of his or her favorite superhero.

Art is goods

Like any other goods, works of art now have a market value. Prices often depend on how famous the artist is.

Artapot plays with the idea of paintings as goods, painting a bar code composed of the dates of birth and death of famous painters onto an evocation of their work or personality.


As Artapot artists are becoming more familiar with Turkey, they decided to play around a few iconic images, be they drown from history, urban life or local music culture. Check out what they found inspiring and see if it resonates with your own Turkish memories.

Turkish culture panorama with a twist. Urban life, music memories and revisited landmarks are on the list!